peter wells - artist's statement

Role-playing games inspire most of my work. A role-playing game is an imaginary alternate reality, cooperatively created by several players working in concert, each pretending to be an individual character of their own creation. These games have evolved from tabletop miniature battle simulations, through Dungeons and Dragons and into live-action interactive theater in the round. Events are held in all genres of fiction, all over the world. People play in all genres, including medieval fantasy, vampires, murder mysteries, and in the style of all your favorite films and comic books. Illustrating the way role-players interact makes for very strange art. 

Technically, I currently use two drawing techniques. I use white Gel Roller pens on black-painted panels to create life-size figurative drawings from dramatically lit original photographs.  Rendering from life requires more speed; I use white conté crayon on black paper, and work from models posed in raking light. All my recent work is drawn figurative realism, white on black.