peter wells - links to other people named peter wells

Having seized the domain name in a fit of egotism without considering who else might share the name, I did a brief web search and started a list of peter wellses with presence on the internet.  This list is just getting started; any person sharing my name who wishes to change a listing or add a link, please email me:

Australia/Clayton - X-Ray physicist, Monash professor
Australia/NSW - Blues/rock guitarist, vocalist
Australia/Sydney - Accounting professor, UTS

Canada/Ontario - Human Factors and Design Visualization Consultant

New Zealand - Writer, TV director

Romania/Bucharest - > Programme specialist, UNESCO European Centre for Higher Education

UK/Bath - Painter, traveller of India
UK/Bristol - Ultrasound expert, journal editor
UK/Cardiff - Automotive industry researcher, professor, CU

UK/Epping - (deceased 2005) Solicitor, Citizen of the Year
UK/Leeds - Economic policy researcher, LMU

UK/London/West Cheshunt - Photographer

UK/Manchester - Product Designer
UK/Northampton - Education professor, UCN

UK/North Lincolnshire - Police Constable in the Humberside Police force, based in Kingston Upon Hull
UK/Nottingham - Soccer goalkeeper
UK/Portsmouth - Chess grandmaster

USA/California/Newport Beach - Sailor/windsurfer

USA/Georgia/Atlanta  - Industrial Designer

USA/Rhode Island/Jamestown/Kingstown - (deceased 1715) Freeman, town councilman
USA/Massachusetts/Williamstown - Crew coach, UMW
USA/Minnesota/Mpls/St. Paul - Anthropology professor, pre-Roman Europe, UM 
USA/New York/New York - Ex-navy bomb-disposal captain, advertising CEO, actor, musician, Yale Club president
USA/Texas/Beaumont - Attorney
USA/Wisconsin/Gratiot - US Navy Corpsman and a freelance (starving) artist, currently sailing the Atlantic