peter wells - short bio

Born during the Glennville Riot in Cleveland in 1968, Peter Wells was raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, by Oberlin alumni parents, both of whom have taught at universities. He spent his youth  evolving his imagination with role-playing games, murder mysteries, and speculative fiction. Two years at the Cleveland Institute of Art and a B.A. from Cleveland State University provided a solid foundation in traditional figure drawing, which he still practices and teaches, and an opportunity to further explore role-playing with old friends.

Wells received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Indiana State University in 1997, and has been teaching college drawing courses ever since. He currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio, next door to the Vega LARP house, engaging in armored combat on Sunday afternoons, and is poor and single but happy, playing in, running, and designing systems for area live-action games, and making art and armor.