Vito has three simple rules: 


1. You have to be cool to camp with.

2. When you fight in our armor, you use our heraldry, and you fight with our unit.

3. You fight with honor, you take shots.


Breaking any of those three rules will get you barred from camp, or get the armor repossessed,

or get you removed from the Minions, or some combination of those.


Vici has like 37 rules, and breaking them gets Vici pissed off, and he yells and stuff:


Tell Vici if your armor/shield/weapon is malfunctioning/broken/missing.

Show up to practice regularly, or turn in your equipment.

Don't ask Vici to bring equipment to an event on the same day as the event.

Don't represent the Minions to people outside the Minions. Avoid becoming the middleman.

Do not do things that repel potential recruits.

If you're gonna build your own armor, start with the helmet.

Do not shoot CA ammo at armored combatants unless you have a kit on and are prepared to be hit.

Don't ask on public forums whether practice is cancelled.  It's not cancelled.

Alter your armor by cutting cords and drilling holes and adding bits.

Do not saw off pieces of plastic or cut straps from Minion armor.


There's lots of other rules.  You'll find out what they are soon enough.